Vintage Pieroni Gallery

This collection of images is compiled from earlier work by Bella Pieroni. Each one is signed and numbered out of 500 and available in A4 or A3 sizes in a choice of frame. For more info contact The Portfolio Collection.

  • bp180 300px high
    Suggested frame of black with an off white mount
     BP16 72dpi  BP17 72dpi
    BP 16 BP 17
    BP-108 BP-110
    BP108 BP110
    BP-132-1 BP-133-2
    BP132 BP133
    BP-134 BP-135
    BP134 BP135
    BP-179 BP-180
    BP179 BP180
  •  BP67 framed
    Suggested frame of black with an off white mount
    BP-81 BP-82
    BP81 BP82
    BP-210 BP-175 BP-211
    BP210 BP175 BP211
    BP-249   BP-67  BP-245
    BP249 BP67 BP245
    BP214 BP-242-1
    BP214 BP242
  • framed example above
     BP174 72dpi  BP 244 BP 256 
    BP174 BP244 BP256
    BP-250 BP-243
    BP250 BP243
    BP 241 BP 257
    BP241 BP257
    BP-115 BP-116
    BP115 BP116
  • framed example above
    BP94 72dpi   Pig 72dpi
    BP94 BP95
     BP84 72dpi  BP85 72dpi
    BP84 BP85
    BP83 72dpi BP65
    BP83 BP65
  • framed example above
     BP155  BP156
    BP155 BP156
     BP160  BP162  BP163
    BP160 BP162  BP163
     BP161  BP106  BP164
    BP161 BP106  BP164
     BP202  BP253  BP203
    BP202 BP253  BP203
  • framed example above
     bp 251  BP 252 BP 254 a 
    BP251 BP252  BP254
     BP20 Musicians  BP26
    BP20 BP26
     BP221  BP220
    BP221 BP220
     BP223  BP222
    BP223 BP222
  • framed example above
     BP216  BP217
    BP216 BP217
     BP218  BP282  BP219
    BP218 BP282  BP219
     BP284  BP285  BP286
    BP284 BP285  BP286
  • framed example above
    BP261 BP283 BP263  
    BP261 BP283  BP263
    BP262   BP260
    BP262 BP260
  • framed example above
     BP22  BP1  BP60
    BP22 BP1  BP60
     BP8 72dpi  BP9 72dpi
    BP8 BP9
    BP6   BP61
    BP61 BP6
    BP4    BP5
    BP4 BP5
  • framed example above
     BP100bw 72dpi  BP103bw 72dpi  BP101bw 72dpi
    BP100 BP103  BP101
     BP18  BP102bw 72dpi  BP19
    BP18 BP102  BP19
     BP157 72dpi  BP158 72dpi  BP159 72dpi
    BP157 BP158  BP159

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